MCI – Management Center Innsbruck

The MCI Entrepreneurial School

As the Entrepreneurial School®, MCI is positioned to provide a meaningful connection between university, grande école, business school, university of applied sciences, and the world of business. It represents a strong international brand that successfully combines: 1. teaching and advanced training; 2. research & development; 3. knowledge transfer; 4. innovative start-ups.

The MCI links together the best out of science, economy and consulting to the unique concept of an international Entrepreneurial School®. It stands for internationality, academic quality, practice orientation, innovation, close cooperation with industry, solution-oriented research and development, first-class infrastructure, a high level of customer and service orientation, and international renown.

MCI’s main responsibility in the PIETE project is the coordination and implementation of output number 4. Output 4 foresees the development of a concise and comprehensive catalogue of curricular activities that is aligned to the EntreComp, developed by the European Commission, with a practical focus, and the subsequent implementation of this teaching compendium at the involved ITE (initial teacher education) partner institutions in Austria, Hungary and Poland.

Main contacts

Desiree Wieser

Teaching & Research Assistant, Research & Development


Christine Pirhofer

Assistant & Project Management, Research & Development