University College of Teacher Education Tyrol

The University College of Teacher Education Tyrol

The PHT is the Centre of teacher education in the county Tyrol/Austria with a special and longstanding expertise in this field. By incorporating the European standard of knowledge and research, the PHT is responsible for the Initial Teacher Education as well as it is a Centre for research and a co-operative partner in national and international scientific projects. In cooperation with the University of Innsbruck, the PHT trains around 700 students who are to become teachers on the levels of Primary school, Secondary school, Vocational school as well as for continuous professional development.

Situated at the heart of the Alps, the PHT employs 845 members of staff (800 teaching, 45 administrative) and is divided into five institutes. They not only provide and develop education through training and further professional development, but also are responsible for research. Experts come from different fields like human sciences, general didactics, methodology, school practice, school development, school management, and teachers’ further professional development.

The PHT has been involved in numerous EU projects (ranging from Short term Mobility and Mentoring to Citizenship Education, Leadership and Quality and Language Learning). ERASMUS+ is central to the internationalization process at the PHT. In the PIETE-project it will lead the production of IO2, i.e. ITE Framework Report.

Main contact

Mario Vötsch, Institute for Vocational Education