PIETE: contributing to a new generation of entrepreneurial teachers in Europe

To reach new horizons in pursuit of economic stability and sustainable innovation, Europe needs to further develop its human capital and excel in educating future entrepreneurs. Not only needed for starting new businesses,  “Entrepreneurship” as a competence is a key for lifelong learning and continuous professional development in “all walks of life”.

So, when shall we learn how to think as an entrepreneur? The European and global practice indicates that the most widespread platform for learning about, for and through entrepreneurship remain the university level. Yet, similar to any other skill acquisition, the development of the entrepreneurship competence requires a continuous time and effort investment – the earlier we start, the better result we gain. Therefore, we believe entrepreneurship education (EE) should be encouraged at the earlier stages of formal education.

Unfortunately, according to the the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2016-2017 school-level EE is by far the most underdeveloped element in the entrepreneurship eco-system due to the lack of EE in pre-service teacher or initial teacher education (ITE) programmes at the university level. PIETE (Erasmus+ funded project, 2018-2021) will make a substantial contribution to cover those needs and address deficiencies in the development of entrepreneurial competences for a new generation of teachers at universities

Objective 1

generate awareness for the importance of EE and the merits of entrepreneurial competence development for pupils at secondary school level among ITE educators and pre-service teachers (ISCED 3-4),

Objective 2

provide a profound knowledge base that allows a better access and understanding of EE concept and tools, facilitating ITE educators the application of the latter in ITE programmes

Objective 3

foster the exchange between ITE centres to develop suitable EE resources and to share experience in pre-service teacher development,

Objective 4

empirically assess the EE conception of ITE educators

Objective 5

stimulate entrepreneurial teaching and learning efforts at school level through well proficient entrepreneurial teachers (long-term objective)

The PIETE project aims to reach:

Initial teacher educators

Entrepreneurship educators

Policy makers

Pre-service teacher students

PIETE approach is:

…based on EntreComp

PIETE will be one of the first European initiatives that actively promotes the application of EntreComp for the development of EE curriculum inside ITE at HEIs.

…innovative cross-department

PIETE aims to foster cross-department partnerships. On an institutional level this means that teacher training departments involved in the project will collaborate closely with a respective HE department responsible for entrepreneurship education in their region.


The intellectual resources within PIETE will be developed as to be adaptable by other (academic) teacher training institutions in Europe that share the same interests and face similar challenges with regards to the inclusion of EE into ITE.

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