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PIETE (Partnership for Initial Entrepreneurship Teacher Education) – the Erasmus+ Project contributing to a new generation of entrepreneurial teachers in Europe (2018-2021)

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PIETE Magazine Issue 4 is Out!

The PIETE consortium welcomes the 2020 academic year with a brand-new issue of the PIETE magazine, dedicated to exploring the concepts of entrepreneurship education for (aspiring and practicing) school teachers.
Since our last publication, substantial progress has been made on the development of the project’s outputs – please, check out articles about the new PIETE results and stay tuned for more updates!

PIETE Magazine Issue 4

A word from our partners

Anna Wieczorek, from the University of Bielsko-Biala, talks about PIETE tandems and the importance of integrating Entrepreneurial Education in teacher education in Poland.

Maciej Mitręga, lecturer at the University of Economics in Katowice in Poland, tells us about PIETE Discussion Paper and the role of his institution in assessing teachers’ perception of Entrepreneurial Education.

Szabolcs Pronay, lecturer at the University of Szeged in Hungary, tells us about building capacity for Entrepreneurship Education in Initial Teacher Education.

Anita Zehrer, the head of research in the Management Centre of Innsbruck, briefly tells us how the PIETE Teaching Compendium contributes to the development of Entrepreneurial Education.

Florian Bratzke, senior project manager at Univations and PIETE project coordinator, tells about the importance of assessing teachers’ understanding of Entrepreneurial Education and his PIETE Awareness Centre.

Mario Vötsch, lecturer at the University College of Teacher Education Tyrol, tells us about how Entrepreneurial Education can be integrated in teachers’ education and about his Initial Teacher Education Framework.

More about PIETE

In a course of 3 years (2018-2021) we aim to achieve the objectives:


about the benefits of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial education among initial teacher training staff at the university level


how initial teacher educators understand entrepreneurship education and collect European Good Practices


teaching/ training materials that support entrepreneurial skills development in initial teacher education programmes


long-lasting relationships between experts of initial teacher and entrepreneurship education programmes

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