PIETE Awareness Test Center

PIETE Awareness Test Centre

A word from the coordinating researcher Florian Bratzke, senior project manager at Univations and PIETE project coordinator, outlining the importance of assessing teachers’ understanding of Entrepreneurial Education and the PIETE Awareness Centre.

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PIETE Survey – Understanding of Entrepreneurship Education in Initial Teacher Education

PIETE Awareness Test Center (survey) provides means to assess EE conception of ITE educators, with the end goal of raising their awareness for the added-values of EntreComp for the teaching profession. The survey will serve as the main data collection instrument for PIETE Discussion Paper. You can access the survey in 4 languages (English, German, Polish and Hungarian) online.

Download our survey creation package below and gain access to the following tools:

1. Guideline for survey conduction (implementation, monitoring & reporting, data analysis etc.)
2. Downloadable online survey tool (also available here)
3. Downloadable survey design template
4. Downloadable Online Survey translation template
5. Downloadable Survey presentation template
6. PIETE Methodological Overview
7. PIETE Overview question origin