We are delighted to welcome Technical University of Ostrava (Czech Republic) to enter our consortium of dedicated PIETE collegues and enthusiasts as an associated partner!

We have been contacted by officials of Technical University of Ostrava already at the end of 2019 leading to first successful talks between representatives of either sides shortly afterwards. The Technical University of Ostrava (VSB-TUO) is a public institution of higher education which provides tertiary education in technical and economic sciences. It has a long tradition in high quality engineering with around 12.000 students and 800 pedagogue and cooperates with educational and research institutions worldwide. In addition and with relevance to PIETE, VSB-TUO is involved in the training and education of children in secondary and elementary schools, and at kindergartens both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Given VSB-TUO efforts in supporting talented pupils, the PIETE consortium was glad to propose associate partnership to PIETE. VSB-TUO officials have equally expressed their interest to exchange best-practice experiences and intellectual resources to foster entrepreneurial aspirations and efforts of teacher trainers and aspiring teachers (primary target groups of PIETE). The collaboration has been manifested through signed Letter of Support allowing a further strengthening of ties between involved institutions in the months ahead.

Mutual benefits

Given the obvious high potentials to positively contribute to the success of the project, the PIETE consortium is strongly convinced of the mutual benefits that will result from this collaboration. In fact, both sides also decided to intensify talks in the upcoming months to identify further areas of collaboration within the upcoming Erasmus+ application round. Thus, apart from jointly discussing and piloting PIETE project outputs as well as exchange best-practices experiences, the collaboration with VSB-TUO may as well be the impetus to initiate new projects in the field of practical driven school teaching with relevance to entrepreneurship education involving all PIETE partnering institutions soon.

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