The PIETE project will produce a number of outputs which will be of use to those working in initial teacher education, specifically with regards to entrepreneurship education. These resources are open for all to use. In 2020, despite the challenges that were faced during times of COVID-19, PIETE made great progress and produced quality outputs. Here we will outline the achievements of 2020,

In April and September 2020 two magazines were released highlighting entrepreneurship education initiatives across Europe. In these issues you can find a summary of the PIETE workshop that took place in Innsbruck, Austria; recommended books for school children related to entrepreneurship skills, and information on how to become an entrepreneurial school in Austria. These are just a few examples of the contents of our most recent biannual magazines

Initial Teacher Education Framework Report
The framework provides a basis to understand the functionality of Teacher Training Center (TTCs) in terms of institutional circumstances, curricular focus, and responsibilities of educators involved in ISCED 3-4 teacher development. It also allows the identification of areas in which elements of Entrepreneurship Education (EE) – as understood under the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework (EntreComp) – can be most efficiently and suitably integrated.

Entrepreneurship Education Capacity Building Compilation
This document seeks to provide practical guidance to institutions that also interested in “opening the doors” for entrepreneurship education within ITE. A practical and hands-on guidebook, it provides support to initial teacher education (ITE) institutions which consider the fostering of entrepreneurship competences development as an important educational asset. The European Commission’s EntreComp Framework is described; concepts that may serve as hands-on tools for organising awareness-raising workshops are outlined; and examples of workshops that were implemented by the PIETE consortium in Hungary, Austria, and Poland are summarised.

PIETE Teaching Compendium
By now, only a few teaching resources from the field of EE are explicitly designated for use within ITE programmes within the European higher education institution landscape. Thus, the PIETE Teaching Compendium presents a rather novel form of support for educators in ITE programmes. This output develops, tests and compares innovative teaching methodologies (i.e. multidisciplinary curricula, learner-centered, real problem based, etc.) that can be used to enhance entrepreneurial competence and mind-set development within higher education pre-service teacher development programs.

PIETE Videos
Six of our partners give insights into the PIETE project itself, its outcomes and its relevance and importance for teachers and students. The videos can be found on the PIETE website homepage. After watching these videos you will have a greater understanding of the project and why it is important.You will also get to see some of the partners and learn more about their roles in the project.

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